Creative Arts Ministry

You love to communicate creatively through worship, music, drama and multi-media. You want to avail yourselves in these areas:

Worship Team


  • You love to worship God
  • You enjoy singing


  • You love to worship God with an instrument
  • You can play at least at an intermediate level

Dance & Banner

  • You love to worship God through dance as an artistic expression of your joy and freedom in worshipping God
  • You can play the tambourine, have interest in banner waving or giftings in choreography

Drama / Production Crew / Script Writers /Actors / Stage Hands / Make –Up / Costume Designers

  • You have giftings in any of the above aspects to facilitate our annual Easter and Christmas programs
  • You enjoy making props, working on costumes and doing make-up
  • You love being part of exciting productions

Technical Crew/Audio & Visual

  • You enjoy facilitating the flow of worship through visual aids
  • You work well with PowerPoint presentations


  • You enjoy working with technical equipment such as sound mixers and lights
  • You want to play a part in enhancing worship and productions in church.


  • You have physical attributes to assist in handling and setting up of musical and technical equipment

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