Church of Praise was envisioned by 4 pastors and a handful of lay people.
13 July 1986
First worship service at 10.00 a.m. attended by 23 Christians at the home of a member of the group.
3 Aug 1986
First public worship service at Hyatt Hotel attended by 168 persons
Dec 1986
Chinese Service, bible classes, home cell groups, youth and children ministry and Praise Power Night commenced
6 Feb 1987
Church of Praise was registered as a society with the Registrar of Societies
31st March 1987
Church of Praise recognized by the Assemblies of God of Singapore as a sovereign entity. 111 persons received into membership as Chartered Members. An office facility was secured at 23 Westlake Avenue. Attendance grew with average attendance during Sunday services at 1,500. There were 4 overseas and 3 local extension works 15 pastors, ministers and 10 administrative staff served full time.
May 1992
East Coast Branch (now known as Bethesda Cathedral) went independent. Congregation was consolidated with worship services at Singapore Power (SP) Auditorium in Somerset Road.
July 1994
West Branch which held their services at the Concorde Hotel re-joined the congregation services at the SP Auditorium.
Aug 1995
Filipino fellowship became self-supporting and was released to form a new church “Living Word Fellowship”.
June 1996
Church of Praise (Johor Bahru) was released to be a self-supporting church
Dec 1997
Church of Praise finalised the purchase of its first property at Roxy Square
2 May 1997
First Corporate Fast and Sacred Assembly culminating in Holy Spirit visitation and Revival
Jan 2000
The Stepping Stone Student Care Centre was launched to serve the community.
Sep 2005
Community Concern Services (CCS) officially registered with Registrar of Societies to provide community-based services to reach out to the needy and disadvantaged in our community.
1 Jan 2007
All celebration services, ministries, church office were relocated to new rental facilities at 103 Lavender Street, Carepoint
1 Mar 2011
Ne-Xus Global (Private) Limited was formally incorporated as a private company for the purpose of owning 5 Koek Road, #05-07 Cuppage Plaza to comply with URA regulations.
15 Feb 2012
Documentation and purchase of Nexus Auditorium completed
19 Feb 2012
First service held at Nexus Auditorium
Church of Praise’s Thailand mission branch bought a piece of land at Baan Bueng for a Children’s Home in Thailand
Feb 2013
Church of Praise prepares to transit to a cell church
May 2013
Break ground for Children's Home in Baan Bueng
Dec 2015
Staged the first Singing Christmas Tree in Thailand