Youth Zone (iGnite)

Our youth ministry exists to Engage, Impact and Change Our Generation through Godly Lives….

Engage - We will use every mean at our disposal to engage the youths in relevant ways that will help them make a decision to live a life that reflects their choice to serve God

Impact - Taking what they have received and learnt and, having made the decision to serve God, the youths will then go out and impact other lives that God has placed along their paths

Change - We desire that the constant engaging and impacting result in a tangible change in our generation

Godly Lives - All our youth programs and events will revolve around the principles of living a Godly life. The youths should bring back with them the need to count the cost, to submit to the will of God, to have righteousness not compromise and to have a pure and undivided heart.

iGnite Service

Time: 4.00pm (Saturday)
Venue: Europe Room, Level 5, Cuppage Plaza

Our ministries to the youth consist of those from age 13-19 (Secondary School to Polytechnic Students). Each group has regular cells where they meet to do Bible studies and they also meet together for iGnite Service immediately after the cell meetings on Sundays.

iGnite Cells and Services exist as an exciting place for young people, where conducive atmosphere is there to enhance and to encourage growth. That is where they draw strength to face their daily challenges and finding meaningful reasons for their existence; which is knowing the destiny that is constantly calling out to them. It is also a special place where they can get to:

  • Know God (Love God wholeheartedly) and,
  • Know their Purpose (Love people fervently).

We also provide fun outings, activities and camps during school holidays. Most times those events involve engaging the youths and are evangelistic in nature.

We are on a mission to grow our youth both spiritually and numerically. Therefore, we look to expand our ministry to include more opportunities to engage our youth and to help them reach out to their friends and peers. We recognize that working with youth is a very exciting and dynamic process; therefore we encourage and support changes and creativity in planning!