Welcome to Church of Praise

Welcome to Church of Praise

Welcome to Church of Praise

Sunday Service

31st May 2020

You Are Alpha and Omega

On Sunday, we commemorate the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples in the Upper Room (Acts 2:1-4). Pentecost was the day when God began the gathering of people of different nations to Himself —bringing down walls of division among them! Today, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, God is once again demolishing walls of division and calling people of every nation to Himself! Pastor Cher brings this message of how as God’s people around the world respond in one united voice of worship to Jesus, we will see His glory come down to complete His healing of the nations of the world!

The service is streamed live. Subscribe to CP WhatsApp Broadcast for the link to log in.

Sunday Service - 31st May, 9.30am


Here's what's happening at our church. Why not join us?

Youth Service

Calling students and young working adults to come and experience the reality of God working in your lives.

Youth Service is live streamed on Instagram every Saturday, 4.30pm. Let's come together to discuss God's Word and fellowship online!

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Release of the Miraculous

Transforming Worship

Time: 1.00pm
Admission starts at 12.45pm

Streamed live. Refer to CP Whatsapp Broadcast for the link.

Monthly Prayer Meeting


Time: 7.45pm
Admission begins 7.30pm

The MPM will be streamed live. Refer to link via CP WhatsApp Broadcast

Other Services Live Stream

1. Hokkien Service
Saturday, 8.00pm
For enquiries, speak with Sis Dora

2. Mandarin Service
Sunday, 9.30am
For enquiries, speak with Pastor Persis

Look for the link in CP WhatsApp broadcast for the service.


Bring your Tithes and Offerings into God’s House DIGITALLY in this COVID-19 Stay-At-Home Time:

Church of Praise Unique Entity Number (UEN) is S87SS0022K

Fund Transfer
Church of Praise account number
015-008069-8 DBS

However if you prefer to write a cheque, write CP Account Number (DBS 015-008069-8) on the back of the cheque and drop it into the quick cheque deposit box at any DBS or POSB bank near you. Then sms details of your cheque to 9389 1667.

Pray Singapore

Calling Overcomers Victorious In Declaration

Let us prevail against this pandemic in Jesus’ name!

Join in one or both synchronized daily prayer! Pray 5 mins, 15 mins, 30 mins, 1 hr or as long as God leads you!

Prayer Pointers are sent to subscribers on 8321 2139
(To subscribe please refer to the highlight "Church of Praise Whatsapp Broadcast")

ZOOM Live Stream

Invite Someone
to Our Live Stream Worship

If you know of someone who is not in CP WhatsApp broadcast list, invite them to join in our worship by forwarding the link for the service.

Remember to send a text to CP WhatsApp broadcast number (8321 2139) so that the host can recognize and admit them to the live stream.

If You Need Your Help
If you need help to log in to the live stream, contact Roy Chua (HP: 9684 4477) before Sunday!

Church At Home

Get ready for worship at home by:

Setting Up a Big Screen. During worship, tune in through a big screen. Avoid using members’ individual telephones.

Be Properly Attired. Members should be in proper attire like they would be in church to give reverence to our Most Holy God.

Remove Distractions. Before beginning the session, remove all items that would be distracting during worship, e.g. pillows, toys, food, etc.

Encourage Everyone to Worship Aloud. Don’t rush to complete the session. During worship, clap, lift up holy hands to the name of God!

Sit Upright for the Word. Encourage everyone not to slouch but to sit upright to listen, discuss and take notes.

Updates of Church Services & Activities

As we continue to keep updated on government advisories regarding COVID-19, we will change or revise schedules of our church services and activities. Please stay tuned to our social media platforms:



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WhatsApp Broadcast

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Church of Praise Whatsapp Broadcast

Broadcast messages via WhatsApp for:-
Weekly bulletins, Special events, Obituaries, ad-hoc urgent messages, etc

- It is not a Chatgroup, it is purely for broadcasting.
- Personal calls or messages must be directed to the official CP number/address.
- You need to “subscribe”. Your permission is needed to send messages to you

How to subscribe
1. Add mobile number 8321 2139 into your handphone contact
2. Send a simple WhatsApp message to
8321 2139 stating
"Hi, I am (your name), I am OK"
3. You will receive a confirmation reply shortly.

Speak to Roy for additional details

Combined Church Camp 2020

We are cancelling this year’s Combined Church Camp 15 June - 18 June 2020 at an overseas location but will schedule sessions locally with our church camp speaker, Rev Jeremy Griffiths.