Welcome to Church of Praise

Welcome to Church of Praise

Welcome to Church of Praise

Sunday Service

9th December 2018


We have entered the pre-Christmas period that is referred to as the Advent season. During these weeks, we are calling our whole church family to a time to prepare our hearts to receive Christ--through 25 days of Fast & Pray. In our Sunday worship, we are focusing on what it means to prepare to receive Christ at Christmas. In the coming Sunday’s service, Pastor Cher brings the second message for this Advent season entitled: “Willing to Do the Will of God.”


Here's what's happening at our church. Why not join us?

CP Devotional Publication

Church of Praise Evangelistic/Outreach Testimonies.
Ideas on how to share the copies:
1. Give to regular acquaintances
2. Plan individual visitations/group gatherings, etc
3. Mail to your contacts (local mail per copy 60 cts est.)
4. Use as tract in prophetic evangelism
Share with us your ideas!

For bulk copies to use for evangelism, contact the church office and speak with Sis Jackie.

Youth Ministry Retreat 2018


UOB Chalet Bungalow @ Pasir Ris

For more details, contact Ben/Chris

Evangelistic Christmas Drama

Join us for CHRISTMAS Celebration!

Christmas Drama "When Hope Came Down"
Come with your friends and loved ones and be introduced to Jesus, God’s gift of hope to mankind. In Jesus is our hope, salvation and reconciliation. Let the dramatizing of the events of Christ’s birth bring Hope to light up your life.

Time: 9.30am

FireSide Family Dedication


Experience the meaning and God’s presence in the manger when Christ was born. There was the family unit of Joseph, Mary and Jesus. There were the shepherds and the Wisemen (guests of the family invited by angels). Let’s gather as the CP Family to worship and adore Jesus our Heavenly Father’s gift to mankind.

Bring our Christmas gifts for Jesus

Release the Miraculous Sessions

We are in a Christmas break from 11 December. When we resume, we will meet on Wednesdays (12.00-2.00pm) instead of Tuesdays. Our first session in 2019 will be on Wednesday, 9 January.