Welcome to Church of Praise

Welcome to Church of Praise

Welcome to Church of Praise

Sunday Service

17th February 2019

Church of Praise begins our
8th Year in Nexus

This month, CP begin the 8th year of owning and worshipping in our Nexus facility! We continue to be immensely awed by God for His boundless grace and mercy! Pastor Cher brings the message of the purpose that God brought us to this place, and how we can accomplish this purpose only as we build our prayer altars to welcome His glorious presence.


Here's what's happening at our church. Why not join us?


Power of Prayer
By Dr Dick Eastman

Session 5: The Purpose of Prayer

Time: 11.30am
Location: English Sessions - Europe Room

Release of the Miraculous

We resume our mid-week Release of the Miraculous in the coming Wednesday! God calls us to be His people who will make a difference for Him in the world! We will look at how He calls us to make that difference when we learn to minister to Him and live in His awesome and empowering presence. Join us for this session! A brief lunch fellowship will be held at the end of the session.

Time: 12pm - 2pm
Location: Europe Room

CP Mission Emphasis 2019

Mission Faith Promise Target S$200,000
(April 2019 - March 2020)

Mission Emphasis Sundays
3, 10 & 17 March

God wants our participation to build His Church among the peoples of the world! In these 3 mission emphasis Sundays, we will see the extent of our mission participation in the past year, and new participation this coming year. Let us participate in completing our Lord’s Great Commission before He returns!


Our monthly visitation to minister to the elderly at this Home will resume next month on Saturday, 16 March.
For enquiries, speak to Bro Tee or Sis Kah Eng.

Church Camp 2019

Make a note in your diary, apply annual leaves, re-organise your schedule for the coming Church Camp.

Look out for the dates to register!

CP Devotional Publication

Church of Praise Evangelistic/Outreach Testimonies.
Ideas on how to share the copies:
1. Give to regular acquaintances
2. Plan individual visitations/group gatherings, etc
3. Mail to your contacts (local mail per copy 60 cts est.)
4. Use as tract in prophetic evangelism
Share with us your ideas!

For bulk copies to use for evangelism, contact the church office and speak with Sis Jackie.

Youth Fellowship

[We welcome tertiary students and]
[ young working adults to this ]
[ fellowship every Saturday! ]
[ Find out how you can]
[experience the love and power]
[of God in your life.]

Time: 4pm - 6pm
Location: Europe Room