Welcome to Church of Praise

Welcome to Church of Praise

Welcome to Church of Praise

Sunday Service

13th October 2019


The life that God gives is precious. He desires that you live it in joy and fruitfulness--in His glory. Yet you will inevitably find yourself caught in the difficult and often joyless tension between God’s glory and the pressures of daily living. Is it possible then to live a fruitful life in God’s glory instead of wasting the growth and opportunities
that God brings to your life? Pastor Leng brings God’s message for this coming Sunday.


Here's what's happening at our church. Why not join us?

Marriage Preparation and Enrichment

The Marriage Preparation and Enrichment sessions, which are conducted periodically, are a prerequisite for couples before they are married in church. We also invite already married couples who are interested to find out how they can further enrich their marriages.

Every Thursday (10 sessions)
Time: 7.45pm - 9.00pm
Location: Cuppage Plaza, Asia Room

Youth Fellowship

We welcome tertiary students and
young working adults to this
fellowship every Saturday!
Find out how you can
experience the love and power
of God in your life.

Time: 4pm - 6pm
Location: Europe Room


Today's study and discussion topic:
Session 11 (Final)
The Glory Realm brings God's Perspective

4 Aug - 13 Oct
Time: 11.15am - 12.30pm

Groups in English: Europe Room/Foyer
Groups in Chinese: America Room

ISOM Trimester 3

Church Based Training
Session C2.2:
Goal and Objective of Discipleship
by Dr Stan DeKoven

Time: 12.30pm
Location: Europe Room

Release of the Miraculous

This Wednesday, we will look at “Being Salt and Light in the Glory.” Come and discover the joy of God’s empowerment for daily living! A simple lunch fellowship follows!

Time: 12 pm
Location: Europe Room

Lee Ah Mooi Monthly Outreach

Be God’s hand of love extended, together with our team at the Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home. For enquiries, speak with Bro Tee or
Sis Kah Eng.

Time: 1 - 3 pm

CP Devotional Publication

Church of Praise Evangelistic/Outreach Testimonies.
Ideas on how to share the copies:
1. Give to regular acquaintances
2. Plan individual visitations/group gatherings, etc
3. Mail to your contacts
(local mail per copy 60 cts est.)
4. Use as tract in prophetic evangelism
Share with us your ideas!

For bulk copies to use for evangelism, contact the church office and speak with Sis Jackie.