Welcome to Church of Praise

Welcome to Church of Praise

Welcome to Church of Praise

Worship Service

3rd December 2023

A Miracle For One
A Message for ALL

Why do so many Christians find it difficult to tell others about Jesus? Is it because we don’t know where to start? Perhaps we don’t know what to say, or how to say it? Or we are afraid that others will question the veracity of our message?

In today’s service, our pulpit guest, Rev Tim Sattler will open the Scripture in Acts 3:1-4:4 where Peter’s message brought conviction to many people. We can expect God to work miracles and bring conviction to many people in the same way today. Rev Tim Sattler served local churches in America first as an elder and Bible teacher, then as a full time pastor for 15 years. He then joined Word Partners and has been traveling widely around the world in equipping and training Christian ministers and leaders in releasing the power of God’s Word. He and his wife Judy have two grown up daughters and five grandchildren.

The service will be streamed simultaneously live on Youtube. Refer to CP Whatsapp Broadcast for the Youtube link.


Here's what's happening at our church. Why not join us?

Freedom In Christ

Steps to

Sundays 11.45am

3 and 10 December

Pre-requisite for Water Baptism. Also for victory in daily lives and those who desire to undergo water-baptism a second time.

Prayer & Fasting

to participate in this
21 Days of Prayer & Fasting

PRAYER GUIDES will be in both English and Chinese. Hard copies available upon request only through ministry and cell leaders.

Available now on https://www.churchofpraise.org.sg

Christmas Service

This Christmas, invite all your friends and loved ones to an
Unforgettable Worship Experience!

"Christmas Carol Sing"
An Evangelistic Outreach Event.
A worship experience for hearts seeking God

Venue: Nexus Auditorium
Time: 9.30am

and, bringing our Gifts to Jesus

Yearend Thanksgiving & Worship

Ending 2023 Beginning 2024

Sunday 7.45pm
Nexus Auditorium


"...giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ." - Ephesians 5:20

Guest Speakers in December

To release the Power of God's Word

Friday 8 December 8.00pm
Europe Room
Simple Tools:
To help you listen better as you read God's Word

Saturday 9 December 2.30pm
Europe Room
Confidently Share
God's Word with others

Rev Todd Kelly and Rev Tim Sattler have pastored churches and now travel widely to train and develop pastors and Christian leaders in a movement of God’s Word.

Rev Sattler will also be our pulpit guest on Sunday 3 December and Rev Kelly on Sunday 10 December.

Release of the Miraculous


A Spirit of Grace & Intercession

Venue: Europe Room
Time: 12.00pm

*Prayer for the sick
*Transport provided

CP Prayer Altar (Zoom)

Church of Praise
Prayer Altar On-Zoom (CPpa)

Time: 8.00pm
Admission starts at 7.45pm

Refer to CP WhatsApp Broadcast for ZOOM ID

Pre-Service Prayer & Intercession


"The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much." - James 5:16

Youth Service

Calling students and young working adults to come and experience the reality of God working in your lives. Let's come together to discuss God's Word and fellowship.

Time: 4.30pm
Venue: Europe Room

CP Vision Focus 2023

A Time To

Seek God about your vision faith promise for the next 12 months! Let us by faith make a BIG reduction in our remaining loan for our Nexus facility!

Vision Faith Promise forms are available at Info Rack.

Transport Ministry

We provide transport routes:

  • Sunday’s Worship Services @9.30am
  • Wednesday’s Release of the Miraculous @12pm
  • Saturday’s Hokkien Service @5.30pm

Call Jackie at church office 63443500 for enquiries.

Tithes and Offerings

GIVING as an act of worship
2 Corinthians 9:6-15

Give your offerings and God's tithe by dropping them into the offering box at Nexus Auditorium or,

Scan: QR code to your ibank PayNow and give online

PayNow: Church of Praise Unique Entity Number (UEN): S87SS0022K

Fund Transfer: Church of Praise account number:DBS 015-008069-8

Cheques: Write CP Account Number
(DBS 015-008069-8) on the back and drop into any DBS/POSB quick cheque deposit box

Church of Praise Whatsapp Broadcast

Broadcast messages via WhatsApp for:-
Weekly bulletins, Special events, Obituaries, ad-hoc urgent messages, etc

- It is not a Chatgroup, it is purely for broadcasting.
- Personal calls or messages must be directed to the official CP number/address.
- You need to “subscribe”. Your permission is needed to send messages to you

How to subscribe
1. Add mobile number 8321 2139 into your handphone contact
2. Send a simple WhatsApp message to
8321 2139 stating
"Hi, I am (your name), I am OK"
3. You will receive a confirmation reply shortly.

Speak to Roy for additional details