Reasons to join a Cell group?

Every Christian needs a spiritual family to be effective in living for God. Being a part of cell groups and fellowship events enables you to find support and fellowship among the members and congregation in spiritual matters and Biblical principles. Groups with the same interest areas provide a platform for discussion, and connectedness to the community of faith. Much of the reality of this experience occurs in the cells.

Benefits of joining a Cell group

Our cells are designed to enable people to meet, share, bond, discuss and understand the truth of God’s Word. They are mentored in the faith, grow in maturity, discover, develop and use their spiritual gifts to serve one another, and ultimately, fulfil their life mission according to God’s purposes. Everyone is welcomed to join a group and participate in these sessions.

Developing your full potential

God never intended anyone to live the Christian life alone. Cells exist in Church of Praise to serve people’s needs by helping them build relationships with God and other people within the setting of a loving and caring community. We invite you to be a part of one of the cell groups.

Please call the church office on Tel: 63443500 if you require more information or would like to be connected to a cell group. Or email: