Our Vision

Building People Changing Lives

Being passionate worshippers honouring God and transforming lives in our community

Core Values

  • Passion: We are consumed with a burning passion to seek God and to make Jesus Christ the absolute Lord of our lives.
  • Renew: We are committed to daily renew and refresh our passion, calling and destiny in God
  • Amplify – We seek to be more and more like Jesus each day; that he shall grow more and more in importance in our hearts and lives
  • Impacting – We seek to impact lives within our community and beyond; to be God’s instruments to bring life, hope and joy to those in need.
  • Serve – We want to maximise the gifts God has blessed us with by serving Him through various ministry opportunities as worship to God
  • Excellence – We seek to excel in everything we do to bring honour and glory to Jesus whom we serve.