Cell Equipping and Spiritual Parenting Sessions

We want to help you grow in your walk with the Lord and reach your full potential as an effective leader in the cell ministry. The sessions will cover strategies to assist the leader in planning and facilitating vibrant and purposeful cell meetings. Cells are living organisms designed to reach out to the presaved and invite them to cell meetings under the Spiritual Parenting Plan. This is a step-by-step process for touching people with the love of Jesus. As in the natural parenting process, spiritual rebirth and growth can be facilitated by carefully nurturing the new believer surrounded by the love and warmth of the cell members. Under this safe and loving environment, the new believer will be nurtured to grow and mature, to ultimately be another fruitful member of the Lord’s Kingdom.

Leaders will be guided to facilitate and mentor members in the faith, grow in maturity, discover, develop and use their spiritual gifts to serve one another, and ultimately, fulfil their life mission according to God’s purposes.

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