Prayer of Repentance

(Spend a few moments allowing Holy Spirit to show you the areas you need to turn away from, e.g. unforgiveness, disobedience, worry, slothfulness, strife, selfishness, etc.) Then pray:-

“Dear Heavenly Father, I know that my sin of ________________ (specify the sin) has separated me from your presence. I am truly sorry, and now I want to turn away from this sin toward you. I repent for all the times during which I had rejected Spirit’s voice reminding me.

I repent for these times of disobedience. Please help me to avoid sinning this sin against you again. Thank you for your forgiveness. I believe that your Son Jesus Christ died for my sins, was resurrected from the dead and is alive and hears my prayers. I acknowledge that my own ‘good works’ can never be good enough to earn me a place in heaven. I invite Jesus to become Lord of my life, to rule and reign in my heart from now on.

I pray Holy Spirit to help me obey you, and to do your good and perfect will for the rest of my life. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray, Amen.”

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