Prayer for God’s Favor Upon Your Life

  • The Israelites were commanded to declare a year of Jubilee every 50 years in which salves were to be liberated, debts cancelled, and the land allowed to rest from cultivation. This 50th year is known as the ‘year of the Lord’s favor’.
  • Jesus’ Luke 4:18-19 proclamation calls for Jubilee to become the state of things in the spiritual realm. This means the ushering in of the joyful freedom God intends for His creation: the bringing into being in hearts and lives the shalom of God.
  • If you or you know of those who are in their 50th year, or whose church, country or organization they are in are in their 50th year, claiming the favour of God on behalf of yourself and on your associates is the right way to go to receive promised God’s blessings.

Prayer Pointers

  1. Pray for God’s Holy Spirit to come upon you to fill you with His holy presence and empowerment to be a witness for Him (Acts 1:8; Matthew 28:18-20).
  2. Pray that as you take time, resources and energy to do God’s work, God will turn around and take care of your family, career, finances, health, etc.
  3. Pray that God’s wisdom and revelation would come upon you so that you would know what wonderful plans God has in store for you. This way, your heart would not be anxious and fearful about the lack of time, resources or even promotion you might be losing out as a result of serving God and living your life for Him.
  4. Pray that your life would be fruitful and rich as a result of obeying and trusting God by following God’s economics and finance guidelines.
  5. Thank God in advance by faith for His increase and blessings in every area of life in proportion to your service unto Him!!!
  6. Pray for God to show you the person He wants you to bring to salvation or touch with His love and healing. Pray for your eyes and hears to be sensitive to look and listen as Holy Spirit show you that person.

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