Prayer for Children Sitting for Exams

The year-end exam period is a stressful time for both students and parents. Here are some prayer pointers for your assistance.

Before the Examination

  1. Pray for wise usage of time not leaving out devotion to God in quiet time and Sunday worship.
  2. Pray for good health, clarity of thought and soundness of mind that the wisdom and revelation of Christ would be upon your child.
  3. Pray for peace of heart, spirit and mind that the mind of Christ and the peace of God would be upon your child.
  4. Pray for sound sleep and good rest each night with sweet dreams of Jesus’ love and protection.
  5. Pray for the Holy Spirit to straighten out/untie the knots in the pathways of their learning, understanding and retention of what your child has diligently studied.

During the Examination

  1. Pray for God to grant good recall of what’s diligently studied.
  2. Pray for the ability to understand each exam question and to give what is required of each exam question.
  3. Pray for the ability to apply what’s learned to what’s being tested.
  4. Pray for Holy Spirit’s guidance to avoid carelessness in reading and answering each exam question.
  5. Pray for wisdom to manage the allotted time wisely so as to adequately supply what’s asked of each exam question.

After the Examination

  1. Pray for your child to entrust what’s done to the Lord and not fret, complain or be anxious.
  2. Pray for God’s favor and grace upon the child, the one marking the exam paper that the entire process would be in the Lord’s hands.
  3. Set a good example yourself as well as teach your child to praise and trust God for the outcome of the exam.

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