God Is Always With Us And Speaking To Us

Roy Chua

by Roy Chua

On Sundays when I bring my children to church there’s only myself and my three children. Before I drive off, I would lead my children in a prayer: “Dear LORD, thank you for your love & blessing. Thank you for the good day ahead and journey mercy. We pray these in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.” It’s a simple prayer and as my children are young in age as well as young in the faith, this became our ‘standard prayer’.

One Saturday we went on a family outing and both my mother and my wife were in the car together with the children. As we were rushing and running late for the outing, we did not stop to pray.

While driving along the expressway, suddenly Holy Spirit prompted me to pray. It was a sudden but clear voice in my mind. So while I was still driving, I asked the three children to pray. The children immediately responded by praying the ‘standard prayer’ like we always did. Just as they began with “Dear Lord, thank you for your love…” a taxi on my left suddenly speeded up and cut into the lane in front of me. I managed to jam my brake in time to avoid a serious accident.

I thank my Lord for sending His Holy Spirit to prompt me to pray for safety and journey mercy. I learned that the Lord is always with us and He is always speaking to us. It is up to us to listen and obey.

“The Lord will guard your going out and your coming in from this time forth and forever.” Psalm 121:8

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