About Serving Opportunities

It’s an HONOR to serve God’s House! God has given you unique passions, giftings and abilities that enable you to serve His House!

To help you get started, here are the areas in Church of Praise where various serving opportunities await you:

Celebration Host
You enjoy making people feel welcome. In fact, your motto could very well be:
Smile and go the extra mile!

You see yourself:

  1. Greeting and welcoming people with a contagious smile
  2. Helping people find a seat quickly and feel comfortable
  3. Welcoming first-time visitors
  4. Inviting them to the Guest Reception after service

Celebration Hosts serve God’s House with Passionate Honour and a big smile!

Children’s Ministry
You are energetic and passionate about shaping young lives.

Toddlers Teacher

  • You enjoy teaching about God’s love in a simple and fun manner to babies and toddlers

Toddlers Helper

  1. You find joy in creating a loving and safe environment for babies and toddlers to learn about God

Praise Kids Teacher

  1. You enjoy leading children to encounter God through exciting and creative ways

Praise Kids Helper

  1. You find joy in relating with and encouraging children to experience God

Youth Ministry (Pivotal)
You are energetic and passionate about shaping the youth to godly living and maturing in God’s Word.

  1. You enjoy engaging and interacting with youth purposefully to shape their lives for godly living
  2. You are passionate about impacting and facilitating change in youths to encounter God through exciting and meaningful activities

Creative Ministry
You love to communicate creatively through worship, music, drama and multi-media. You want to avail yourselves in these areas:



  1. You love to worship God
  2. You enjoy singing


  1. You love to worship God with an instrument
  2. You can play at least at an intermediate level

Dance & Banner

  1. You love to worship God through dance as an artistic expression of your joy and freedom in worshipping God
  2. You can play the tambourine, have interest in banner waving or giftings in choreography

Drama / Production Crew / Script Writers /Actors / Stage Hands / Make –Up / Costume Designers

  1. You have giftings in any of the above aspects to facilitate our annual Easter and Christmas programs
  2. You enjoy making props, working on costumes and doing make-up
  3. You love being part of exciting productions

Technical Crew
Audio & Visual

  1. You enjoy facilitating the flow of worship through visual aids
  2. You work well with PowerPoint presentations


  1. You enjoy working with technical equipment such as sound mixers and lights
  2. You want to play a part in enhancing worship and productions in church.


  1. You have physical attributes to assist in handling and setting up of musical and technical equipment


  1. You enjoy administrative and background work
  2. You are conversant in office software e.g. Powerpoint, Word, Excel, Office publishing
  3. You have a flair for graphic work
  4. You enjoy writing and are able to assist in editing articles


  1. You have creative ideas to organise various fund raising initiatives
  2. You have experience in organising fund raising programs
  3. You love to be a part of a fund  raising team


  1. You love to facilitate hospitality events such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Church Anniversary, etc.
  2. You enjoy co-ordinating and facilitating the refreshments, serving and cleaning up for the entire event

Your heart of compassion and availability will go along way!

To discover your passion and giftings, simply sign up today.